Author Takara James #1 Bestselling Author


Takara James (1990-) was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to the late Mr. & Mrs. James, grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, where she was raised by her sister after the death of her mother in 1996. She received her education from HBCU Rust College from 2008-2012 but graduated from the University of Phoenix with her Bachelors of Arts in English (2019). Her first book, "Desire," sold over 100 copies within the first week of publication. In 2018, her book "Saving Takara," became a #1 bestseller in Divorce and Family Relationships. Her book "Shit Black Folk's Don't Talk About also received #1 Hot New Release & #1 Bestseller in Children of Abuse and Alcoholics. She will receive her Masters of Arts in English and Creative Writing, with a concentration in Fiction Writing. Her passion for writing dates back to age six where she grew a love for music and poetry. She hopes to someday be a great influencing writer to those after her, as the great writers before her has been!

The Sun sets in my eyes, as writing takes me on the journey to the destination to ones heart. -Takara James