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Tanisha Stewart was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology in 2009, as well as a Master of Psychology in 2011. She is a college professor, teaching psychology (which she loves). In addition to her career as a lecturer, Tanisha has been writing for as long as she can remember, creating realistic story lines, relatable characters, and multi-layered plots that almost everyone can enjoy. She also takes part in hobbies such as performing rap and spoken word for various audiences.

Tanisha not only demonstrates a passion for writing through her vivid story lines; she is also committed to helping other writers succeed. She offers both author coaching and proofreading services to help aspiring authors get their work off the ground, and to see it through to completion. You can find out more about Tanisha and these services at

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Synopsis: June is in an online relationship with the man of her dreams, Jermaine. He is the first person she met that seemed to know her before they ever even spoke. Although they have never met in person, she is sure he is "the one"... But there's only one problem: Her beloved 'Jermaine', isn't real. She is being catfished by someone very close to her; someone she thought she could trust.

SynopsisThe drama picks up again in Part 2 of this tangled web of lies... June is still reeling from the heartbreak caused by betrayal. She thought Kelvin was her best friend - she never saw it coming that he would betray her. Camaiyah seems to be unbothered by the fact that Kelvin took the fall, but can Iliana hold the secret? Or will her devotion to her sister force her to tell the truth? Secrets are revealed, and things take an interesting turn, but one thing is for sure: Someone in June's circle definitely cannot be trusted.

SynopsisPart three of this twisted tale of deception. It seems as if Camaiyah has not learned her lesson. Ce'Anna (from A Husband, a Boyfriend, & a Side Dude) is not much better. Follow their journey as the two stumble through the consequences caused by their shady behavior. Will they come out on top? Or will their actions catch up to them, causing them to be broken all the way down?

SynopsisCe'Anna and her husband, Trent, are nearing their sixth anniversary of marriage. Ever since they said 'I do', their romance was like a whirlwind. That is, until Ce'Anna's first secret. Then her second. Life is going crazy, and things are starting to 'get real'. Tensions continue to rise, until Ce'Anna is placed in a situation where she has to make a choice between the one she truly loves, and the one she's not sure about.

Cassandra Dyer

Cassandra Dyer is a 23-year-old author, who lives in England, UK.
Creative writing was something she did for fun but began to take it seriously when her father sat her down and encouraged her to do something with the talent she was blessed with.
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Synopsis: Brad Saunders thought he had a perfect life with a perfect wife... that is until she ends up pregnant and unwilling to name the man who put her in that predicament. His wife Alana insists that there is no other man, but Brad was certain that the baby she carried couldn't be his.

Alana Saunders was devastated. How is it that she ended up pregnant when she hasn't been intimate with anyone except her husband? How could the man she love above all else walk away from her without a second thought?

And when the truth is finally brought to light, will they come together under the shelter of their love or will the seed of the betrayal be to great to bear?