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By: Takara | November 03, 2015

It was now a quarter til 10 pm. I had a pretty rough day at work. A new client had asked the firm to represent her in a divorce settlement and her demands were just a bit more than what I could deal with for one day. I had a couple of glasses of wine before calling a cab, and sexting my lover had gotten me aroused. I just wanted to go home, take a warm bubble bath, and play with my pussy until I fell asleep. Usually I'd be with him at this hour, tumbling in his sheets, as we make love, but he's been away on business for a few days. I step out of the elevator into the lobby of the Firm. Since no one else is in the office, I removed my suit jacket, draping it over my arm, my skirt showing all of my curves, my small net stockings c...

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By: Takara | November 02, 2015

 I glanced at my alarm clock, it was 4 AM. The morning sky was only hours away from casting its beauty over the city. I'd just awaken from a dream, the same one I'd been having for three weeks now. I could feel the moisture on my thighs. I have to stop drinking red wine before bed, I thought to myself. Now I'm up, horny. I slid out of my king sized bed, stepped towards my balcony door, from the bedroom, and opened it. I was wearing this delicate, silk, lingerie gown, that stopped inches below my butt, with lace outlining my breast. The morning breeze here in upper east side, NY felt amazing on my skin, and only made my desire to release more intense. I stood on my balcony, sat on the bench I'd placed there a few weeks ago, the sm...

Category: Erotica 

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