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By: Takara | September 22, 2019

Beauty of Entrepreneurship

March 19, 2019 I lost what I thought would be a promising career. It was nothing like what I dreamed of doing, career wise, but it was what would pay the bills. I was pretty good at my job. So much so that I was only minutes from the interview that would give me the promotion I'd hoped for. My family were excited for me, because only three short years ago, after a devastating divorce, did I move away from my family and branch out on a life of my own. I felt confident. I had hit some road blocks along the way, car repossessions, loss of friends, but I knew that I was so much closer to better days.

On March 19, I sat patiently in the conference room waiting to be interviewed. No one showed. By the time I got back to my desk, there was an emai...

By: Takara | June 03, 2019

On average our favorite television series is about 45-50 minutes per episode. Let's say it's a chill day and what started out as one episode, on season one, of that new show folks on Facebook are raving about, is now season two episode three. If you're watching Netflix, perhaps season one was only ten episodes. Okay, not to bad right? You started around 7:30 AM so you have time? Today was your day off. WRONG!

So let's go back to the fact that you are now on season two, episode three of this show. Now I want you to calculate the number of hours that you just wasted. If you don't know the calculations that is 10 Hours and 83 minutes. 10 Hours and 83 minutes is insane, but I can't be mad at you. I do the same quite often. It took me a minute be...

By: Takara | May 11, 2018

The first thing I worried myself about when my husband left me was who'd unzip my dress. For the last 8 years he's been my crutch. When I gained weight over the years he'd buckle my heels, zip my dress, and help with a number of things I now realize the importance of. However, just because you need someone, doesn't mean you should accept their unfaithfulness. His cheating ruined me more mentally, than the struggles of trying to get out of my own clothing.