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By: Takara | September 22, 2019

Beauty of Entrepreneurship

March 19, 2019 I lost what I thought would be a promising career. It was nothing like what I dreamed of doing, career wise, but it was what would pay the bills. I was pretty good at my job. So much so that I was only minutes from the interview that would give me the promotion I'd hoped for. My family were excited for me, because only three short years ago, after a devastating divorce, did I move away from my family and branch out on a life of my own. I felt confident. I had hit some road blocks along the way, car repossessions, loss of friends, but I knew that I was so much closer to better days.

On March 19, I sat patiently in the conference room waiting to be interviewed. No one showed. By the time I got back to my desk, there was an email stating that my interview was cancelled. I just figured things had picked up in the office and there was no time. Later, I was called to the conference room again, where I was greeted by my supervisor, the HR director and another member of management. There was paperwork on the table and the tension in the room was thick. 

I had reported racial discrimination a few days prior. I honestly wasn't going to report it, but it didn't sit well with me and left me feeling uncomfortable around the other female employee who said it. In the meeting, I was told that I ostracize myself and make employees feel unwelcome around me.  Therefore, it is not what the company likes and that I was terminated. 

I gave seven months of great service quality to this company. I had put so much trust in their system, their attitude towards the business and more. Now, I was unemployed without even an opportunity to defend myself. I grew depressed quickly. I was afraid that I would lose my home and possibly have to rely on family to help me recover. I spent about two weeks sulking before I got up and decided to do something!

I prayed to God. I asked God to bless me with six months to grow and to show me what I really needed to be doing. I began actively relaunching my business, growing my audience and testing my own algorithms to see just how successful I could become. As my book sales continued to grow, my business did also. I took on projects with Upwork. I began working as an independent editing contractor. I revised the services I offered with my business and began to market myself constantly. 

Seven months later, as of today, God has blessed me with much more than I could have asked for. I have traveled maybe four times during my "unemployment." I traveled to my graduation in Florida and made a four day vacation of it. I went to Atlanta for a book event where I made over $300 in book/merch sales. I traveled to Alabama, Clarksville, Memphis, and Nashville several times to meet with friends, family, and new clients. I've been asked to speak at conferences, motivational events for authors, and even online. I recently moved into a place with more space for me to grow my business. I also have not missed a single payment on my bills or anything. I am currently enrolled in my Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing program, where I was recently nominated as the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honors Society member and the Creative Writing Review Club of Southern New Hampshire University.

My clients don't understand how much they have changed my life. People see it as simply making money, but I see it as changing my life, changing my lifestyle, helping me be more frugal, helping me feel more confident in my craft, and always giving me something to depend on when Employers seem to not give a fuck!

A few days ago I interviewed with a company, after filling out over 650 job applications between March 2019 and September 2019. The interview went great. They asked me,  if I had to say one thing that was something I needed to work on, what would it be. I honestly didn't feel like I had flaws when it comes to my work ethic, I'm not perfect, but determined by all means, but instead I said, I tend to over think. After waiting to hear back from the company, I was told that my honesty was considered a "red flag" and that I would not be getting the position. The job paid $23.00 an hour. 

If I haven't realized anything else, I now understand why God has placed me here. Why i'm in this space where I control my destiny, because he sees the world in ways that I don't. So, until I am no longer capable of operating my business, my clients can always depend on me. It's because of God and them that I have not been homeless, without food, without electric, without my necessities, because they have trusted me to carry out the tasks that are so important to them. 

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Dorothy Mays

Posted on : September 23, 2019

My name is Dorothy Mays I don't do the Facebook thing but I do read a few family pages just to be inform on how family is doing .you don't know me but I've known you since the day you were born , I use to baby sit you while your mom work me and your Aunt Mary rich who is my best friend and running buddy. I've been married to your 1st cousin Jerry Mays who is you Aunt Valencia Rich-Hughes oldest son we've been married 33 years . we have baby pictures of us holding you Aunt Mary and I nickname you monie-love Im so happy things are going good for you and I pray every night that God bless and continue bless you .I hope someday we be able to see you .Mary and I spoil you and we love you like our child we kept you everyday while joe-ella worked your big sis. Marie know I've been in the family for years ,you take care of yourself and be happy and have a blessed life love you cous.Dorothy my phone # 479-347-5511. We reside in Fayetteville Ark.

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