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By: Takara | April 05, 2019


I recently heard a guy speaking negatively towards other men who date women who "look like Precious." I'm sure at some point someone found humor in his comment, but to me I didn't see the connection. Instead, I took a moment to reflect on his analogy. As a writer I have to analyze everything. I know, it's probably as frustrating as that one friend who has to speak politically correct about everything. Trust me when I say I understand, but allow me to point out some important facts. 

A few things that I've learned about being a writer is that every story has characters. In this guys joke, he's suggesting that men date women who "look like Precious," but Precious is the character, Gabourey Sidibe is the actual person. So being "politically correct," he's insinuating men date women who "look like Gabourey."

  I recently had the pleasure of reading the book "This is Just My Face" by Gabourey Sidibe. I'd have to say that it was one of the most intriguing nonfiction books I've read. Well, I listened to the book. I'm a huge fan of audibles and the cover of her audio-book stood out to me. Though I found intrigue in the cover, I was drawn in more by the opening of her book. I won't spoil it much for you but I'll give you a bit of a summary. She talked about shit similar to what the guy had said. She talked about how people identify her as a character instead of who she is. Her entire career has been centered around being "Precious" instead of being Gabourey!

What we tend to lose sight on is being able to separate characters from reality. The truth is, we have the ability to portray ourselves as whomever we want, but the core of who we are never changes. My advice is that people be more cognizant of the horrible shit they say. What are you suggesting by saying a woman "looks like Precious?" Is she unattractive? Is she "fat?" Is she dark skinned? What are you trying to suggest? There are so many women who struggle with confidence, self-love, and the ability to brush off the horrible comments people in this world inflict on them. 

So the next time someone say's a woman looks like Precious, make sure you truly acknowledge the beauty of the person behind the character!   

Gabourey Sidibe 

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