Author Takara James #1 Bestselling Author

By: Takara | June 03, 2019

On average our favorite television series is about 45-50 minutes per episode. Let's say it's a chill day and what started out as one episode, on season one, of that new show folks on Facebook are raving about, is now season two episode three. If you're watching Netflix, perhaps season one was only ten episodes. Okay, not to bad right? You started around 7:30 AM so you have time? Today was your day off. WRONG!

So let's go back to the fact that you are now on season two, episode three of this show. Now I want you to calculate the number of hours that you just wasted. If you don't know the calculations that is 10 Hours and 83 minutes. 10 Hours and 83 minutes is insane, but I can't be mad at you. I do the same quite often. It took me a minute be...