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Let's take a brief moment to discuss how I went from ZERO pages read to 4,104 in only SIX days! Some would call it impossible and honestly, these are the most pages read I've ever averaged. I've never achieved more than about 1,700 pages in a months time. Luckily, there are three more days in the month of June (2019) and I plan to kick things up a notch! In order to be successful, you need the right tools, attitude, and most of all DRIVE!

Most of you are probably reading and saying you have the drive right? I'm sure you do, yet you never tap into it. We pitch our  books a couple times a day and think that people will buy it. Stop asking people to buy your book and find creative ways to get it in their hands. If you ask someone if they want something, you're giving them the option to say yes or no, If you suggest something, you're transitioning the experience and rhetorically telling them why they need it. Everyone has tips and tricks on marketing, but in all honesty, it has everything to do with our customer service approach! 

Step 1 - Create easy access to your books, via websites, business pages on social media etc

Step 2 - Find groups that fit your audience, but don't limit yourself

Step 3 - Join writing communities. Not just for your ethnicity, but from all backgrounds. Allow yourselves to be immersed in these groups and soak up everything people talk about.

Step 4 - Build your audience. Now that you have created easy ways to access your work, joined some cool groups, built your audience, participate in discussions, offer free advice, be friendly, and network!

Step 5 - Host live readings. This allows people to actually hear your books and see how well they are written. Many people enjoy the tone, dialect, and structure of the work, be sure to engage them. Have discussions about your book after reading an excerpt.

Step 6 - Promote 24/7. People will only be as passionate as you are about your work. Wake up early, prepare your posts, questions, etc, and post them daily, throughout the day. 

Step 7 - Offer a freebie. For example, if you sell paperbacks, give a free gift to those who purchase. If you are e-book publisher, offer a free book for a few days. 

Step 8 - Focus less on the money and more on the experience. Below you will find results of my rhetorical approach on how I market my business, my authors, and myself. Feel free to browse the content and retain the information. 

Step 9 - If you lack the time for marketing, hire someone with RESULTS! I have never hired anyone to market for me. K. Monie Co is my company and I use my own strategies towards my works, so that I can show my clients the difference in trends, and how results can truly come. This is all done without paying for ads or anything else! Professionals may get the job done, but they may never get the results you need. FIND SOMEONE WHO GETS YOU THE RESULTS! 

Step 10 - Own your shit! I know, I just cursed on a professional website! (covers mouth) Look, no one will believe in you or trust your work if you don't know it yourself. Develop a 15 sec, 30 sec, 30 min and 1 hour pitch. Each of these will be critical in your sales. People need something quick. Find an attention grabber and stick with it! Also, be sure to identify important elements of your story, such as theme, motif, plot, setting, symbols, style, genre, POV, tone, foreshadowing, key facts, the protagonist and antagonist. These are all important and will help you sell a book! 

Let's get to it!